Loving Small Business helps you discover incredible independent businesses across the UK by handpicking beautiful products we know you'll love and delivering them straight to your door. 

You may not know that we started super small ourselves, with the aim to help struggling small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic by showcasing their products to help them reach a wider audience. Since then we have evolved, growing from strength to strength and on track for supporting over 100 small businesses and charities in our first year!

How it works: 

  1. We source, try out and purchase the beautiful goodies wholesale from the small businesses so that they get maximum benefit from our partnership
  2. We carefully pack them into a monthly subscription box alongside other goodies that compliment them
  3. They get delivered to your door (or to a loved one in our gift box) so you get to discover the countries most incredible small businesses

You can always be sure that every box is packed with products we have tried ourselves and fallen in love with, and that you are receiving quality treats from talented business owners.

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Our Values and Beliefs


Sustainability is really important to us and something that we take into account when looking at the businesses we partner with. We want to ensure that we leave as little mark on the planet as possible and strive to constantly improve. We have made sure that our packaging is as sustainable as it can be whilst still protecting the contents of your box and follow the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra.


We value trust above all else and believe that the key to this is being authentic. We don't work with brands that don't align with our values and we wont advertise anything we don't have first hand experience with or do not believe in ourselves. In this way you can guarantee that you will only ever get the best of the best in your box.


Compassion runs in our blood, this is why helping others is at the centre of Loving Small Business, whether that be supporting small businesses or giving a platform for small charities to shine through. 10% of the profits from every box sold go directly to a small charity.

Fair & Empowering

We've created a platform which allows us to work with small businesses by putting the power in their hands to make the decisions. We decide together which goodies to showcase and the best way to present them. We also purchase all of the goodies for the boxes at wholesale prices rather than asking for the goodies in return for advertising. This is really important to us and means that the box you have purchased is directly supporting small businesses to develop and grow.