Supported Charity December 2021

This month 10% of all Loving Small Business's profits have gone to The Honeypot Children's Charity! A big thank you to SMB London for their nomination when allowing us to provide their Christmas Gift Boxes and for introducing us to this incredible charity!
The Honeypot Children's Charity 25 years logo
Founded in 1996, Honeypot has been working with young carers in the UK aged 5-12 offering them the ongoing support that they need as well as providing respite breaks. This offers these children a safe and nurturing environment that can support them in reaching their full potential despite the challenges they may be facing.
Currently in the UK, official figures suggest that there are 195,000 young carers, however a BBC survey in 2018 estimated that this number could be closer to 800,000 as there are many more families who do not come forward. Just take that in for a moment, thats around 20% of children in the UK who are currently young carers.
Children playing with a parachute
Other than the obvious being a young carer can hugely impact a young child's life, they can struggle to relate to their friends, be too tired to concentrate in school, not have enough time to play with their friends or go to after school clubs. A survey in 2013 also found that young carers as GCSE level attain nine grades lower than average.
The Honeypot Children's Charity also offer a wellbeing fund to young carers from deprived backgrounds. These can be for school materials, but also other essential items such as a new washing machine.
Children doing arts and crafts
You can read here an account from Megan who first came to Honeypot when she was 9 years old and caring for her dad. The impact that this charity has on small children's lives, in allowing them to be children, offering them the stability and support that they wouldn't otherwise have, they are giving these children a chance to thrive and reach their full potential. A truly worthy cause for Loving Small Business to support!
If you have a charity you would like us to support, please get in touch and let us know!


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