The Back To School Box


Sustainable Notebook & Pens by VENT for Change @ventforchange

Red notepad made from waste cherries by Vent for Change featured in the Loving Small Business September Subscription Box

VENT for Change is a sustainable stationery brand that protects the planet and supports children’s education projects worldwide with every item sold. Award winning design combined with the highest level of eco-friendly and ethical production. The range includes notebooks, journals, shopping and list pads, pens and pencils all made from recycled and sustainable materials. Sustainable stationery with style!

Rice Husk Lunchbox by Huski Home @huskihome

Duck egg blue Rice Husk Lunchbox by Huski Home filled with snacks featured in the Loving Small Business September Subscription Box

Lisa and Luke, the founders of Huski Home, were inspired by their son Leo, who was appointed to be an eco-warrior at school. He started to question changes that could be made at home to become more sustainable and reduce waste. Huski Home creates eco-friendly, reusable homewares from bi-products as they felt these were under utilised and could solve an issue without creating a new one, or exhausting existing resources. Discount Code: THANKYOU10 for 10% off

Pulse Point Roll On by Clarity Blend @clarity_blend

Three Clarity Blend Pulse Point Oils in a row next to a houseplant featured in the Loving Small Business September Subscription Box

Veronika and Dimitar founded Clarity Blend out of a need to reconnect with nature, and achieve a more harmonious way of life. With happy memories of growing up surrounded by the aromatic meadows of the Bulgarian countryside, they found themselves craving the feelings of calm that time spent in nature had given us. After painstakingly researching plants and studying with clinical aromatherapists, Clarity Blend was born!

Porridge Pot by RISE @riseporridge

Three tubs of porridge by Rise stacked on a kitchen counter with a ladies hand on top featured in the Loving Small Business September Subscription Box

What better way to prepare for a big day with a delicious bowl of porridge? Gabriel, Jamie & Will, three guys who met in a cafe in North London teamed together to bring us these incredible vegan, free from, sustainable pots of porridge. Being snapped up by independent coffee shops across the country, this is one small business that's making its mark! Fuelled by porridge no doubt! Discount Code: rise10 for 10% off

Hydrating Drink Sachets by ViDrate @vidrate

A glass of water with a mixed berry hydration sachet by Vidrate being poured in and turning the water pink with a selection of sachets around it in a burst featured in the Loving Small Business September Subscription Box

ViDrate is the first natural hydration product of its kind. Zero sugar, added vitamins and electrolytes and absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. ViDrate has been formulated to help people drink more water every day, without the use of sugar or artificial ingredients found in other drinks. A super convenient and sustainable way to keep you hydrated throughout the day!

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