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Positive Affirmation Bracelet by Soul Analyse @soulanalyse

Soul Analyse String Bracelet with a circle engraved with "I am strong"

Stephanie is the co-founder behind Soul Analyse. In 2015, Soul Analyse started as a blog championing positive thinking. A year later the "I am" range was launched so that people were able to carry their positive affirmations with them wherever they went. Now available in stores worldwide this is a small business that has smashed their goals!

Time for Me Candles by Cotton & Grey @cottonandgreyltd

A grey box of little 20 minute time for me candles

Claire & Paul, co-owners of Cotton & Grey put together a small box of beeswax candles and handwritten affirmation cards for a close friend who was struggling during lockdown. The idea is that you can take the time that the candle is burning to relax and reset. Each candle lasts for around 20 minutes, so grab a cup of tea and a blanket and take some time for you.

Ayurvedic tea by Wild Chai @wildchaiuk

Brightly coloured tubes of tea - yellow, pink and blue

Lauren and Jasmine met at University in 2014 and immediately became friends. Both being avid tea drinkers, Lauren fell in love with Jasmine's traditional masala chai that has been passed down in her family for generations. They knew that they wanted to share their passion for tea with others. So, in March 2021, they decided to take the leap and Wild Chai was formed.

Body Scrub by The Coffee Scrub Company @coffeescrubco

Sachets of coffee scrub - mint, vanilla & chocolate

Growing up spending summers in Naples, Hannah has fond memories of waking up to the smell of her Grandmother's freshly brewed espressos. That teamed with a fascination for natural skincare and plant based products made for the perfect combination and The Coffee Scrub Company was born!

Vegan Chocolate Bar by Raw Chocolate Company @therawchocolatecompany

Brightly coloured bars of vegan chocolate in front of someone with a bowl of yoghurt with chocolate on top holding a cup of coffee

Having discovered the potential breadth of the raw food diet, Linus, founder of Raw Chocolate Company, decided to explore just what was possible with raw cocoa. He set out to make chocolate that tastes delicious without compromise. These bars of chocolate are made from minimal ingredients sourced sustainably and are always vegan. Consciously delicious!

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