The Eco Box

Face Scrubbies by @bouncingbeeuk

BouncingBee is a little business making children's clothing suitable for children wearing cloth nappies that was founded by Claire and Alecia who just wanted to create beautiful things for their little boys and be at home to spend more time with them. The face scrubbies in your box are all created with offcuts from the clothing they make helping to reduce any waste.

Peanut Butter Chocolate by @superfoodio

Superfoodio's founders Nirali & Jag, were inspired whilst travelling around South America where they discovered some of the world's most nutritional foods. Upon returning home they applied their new found passion and knowledge in the kitchen to create Superfoodio’s first product range. They are passionate about creating plant-based snacks for pleasure, people and the planet. Always made from 100% quality, natural & simple ingredients, plant-based & refined sugar-free.

Wax Melts by @ellamurabotanics

Leisa has always had a love for candles, but has worried about paraffin based candles. With her mum currently battling cancer and her sister suffering in the past, Leisa wanted to create a candle that was as safe and toxin free. Along the way Leisa has researched the sustainability of different waxes and is currently making the switch from soy to coconut and rapeseed, she also uses only paraben free, vegan friendly fragrance or pure essential oils.

Coffee Bag by

Abol Coffee Co grew from an idea whilst founder Kedist was travelling and facing a lack of cafetières, filters or brewing equipment – she had delicious coffee with her, but no way to make it! From this, the idea of coffee in a bag was born! The finest Arabica coffee in portable bags that can brewed in minutes, all you need to do is add hot water and every single pouch is biodegradable!

Brow Oil by @boweorganics

Diane founded Bowe Organics after a new passion was sparked whilst working in an organic hair salon and  listening to her manager talking about the different ingredients hidden in cosmetics. Diane initially started making her own products so that she knew exactly what ingredients were being used and how they were being sourced. Diane's clients in the salon started to notice a difference and asked if she could bottle whatever she was using and so Bowe Organics was born.

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