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Bamboo Sleep Mask @nightire

One of my favourite small business finds ever! With this on, I could literally sleep through the apocalypse! Nina, the founder if Nightire, went through an extended period of insomnia, which is when she started researching the factors that impact your body's sleep and wake cycles. She found that body temperature is a biggie so wanted to buy sleep wear that could help to regulate body temps PLUS look great. After struggling to find any, she made her own!

100% Natural Flavour Shots @theeightthirty

Thea, the founder of Eight Thirty was bored of breakfast. Being a pastry chef involves working long hours so time to get creative in the mornings is limited. These little all natural powdered flavour shots are a super quick, convenient but delicious way to turn your porridge into an Instagramable masterpiece! Packed with natural goodness, they really are the best way to start your day, or even finish it!

Shower Steamer @b.naturaluk

Why should baths get all the fun? Pop this in the bottom of the shower and you will be transported into your favourite spa! Bekii, the founder of B.natural is super passionate about sustainability and protecting our planet and wanted to create a home fragrance and beauty range that reflected this without compromising on quality. I think she's smashed the brief!

Rub & Roll Seasoning @rubandrollspices

Are you ready to level up your cooking game? Whether you're a tasting menu, burgers & chips or a vegan mac & cheese lover these seasonings are game changers! Sarah & Steve, the creators behind Rub & Roll, who between them have over 30 years hospitality & catering experience, wanted a simple no fuss way of creating the food that was taking so much time and effort in the kitchens. These are so simple but so delicious!

Cotton Scrunchie @thesunshinearchive

Upon reading an article about how a regular kitchen sponge can take up to 55 years to even begin breaking down in landfill, Rachael, the founder and creator behind The Sunshine Archive, spent her time creating high quality, affordable, eco-friendly alternatives. She created these 100% biodegradable scrunchies - made with an elastic crafted from a natural rubber and cotton blend, entirely free of any plastic.

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