The Veganuary Box

Welcome to Veganuary!

I didn't want to just fill this months Loving Small Business Signature Box box with vegan chocolate as there is so much more to discover than just food! So January's box was filled with five incredible plant based, planet saving, cruelty free, vegan businesses!
This months charity was George's Windmills, an incredible charity founded by Hayley and Anthony who sadly lost their little boy George at just two years old. The charity is dedicated to supporting the services that helped them as a family such as caregivers, hospitals and also other children who need the same support.
10% of all profits from January will be donated to help them continue their incredible work!

Homeless Socks by Leiho @leiho_uk

Socks by Leiho featured in Loving Small Business January Signature Box

Joey and Thuta met during their masters in 2019. Joey originally had the idea of using something as simple as a pair of socks to help raise awareness for men suffering from mental health, however after much research, they came across the fact that clean socks are actually one of the most requested but least donated items of clothing at homeless shelters! And so Leiho was born! Sustainable bamboo socks that donates a pair to homeless charities for every pair sold!

Baobab Jam by Chosan @chosanbynature

Baobab Condiments by Chosan featured in Loving Small Business January Signature Box

Eliza, the founder of Chosan, was inspired by her childhood in Gambia to create her own range of delicious, all natural, vegan goodies. Most of the food producers Eliza works with can only make an income when their fruits are in season and so Eliza worked to find a way that they could turn their produce into food and drink with a longer shelf life. And so she became committed to helping them do just that. Every sale from the Chosan range adds to the donation made to food producers in Africa.

3 in 1 Cleansing Bar by Mint on Demand @mintondemand

3 in 1 Cleansing Bar by Mint on Demand featured in the Loving Small Business January Signature Box

Diagnosed with cancer at 30, Dee has been on a journey to health for some time and wanted to share some of the amazing things that helped her over the last 10 years during treatment and remission. One of the things she found helped her the most was moving to a plant based diet and so Mint on Demand is focused on helping its customers live plant based easily. One of Dee's products is the 3 in 1 cleansing bar you have in your box! Vegan, free of any nasties and never wrapped in plastic.

Tea Bags by NEMI Teas @nemiteas

Tea Bags by NEMI Teas featured in the Loving Small Business January Signature Box

Nemi Teas aim to supply us all with sustainable and fair trade tea whilst also working to support some of the 133,000 refugees accepted into the UK. Nemi Teas realised that there were inherent disadvantages facing those who have been displaced due to conflict or persecution due to weak English language ability and gaps in education and skills required to enter the UK job market. So in March 2016, NEMI Teas was born to tackle these disadvantages refugees face when they reach the shores of UK.

Silicone Straw by The Silicone Straw Company @thesiliconestrawcompany

Silicone Straw by The Silicone Straw Company featured in the Loving Small Business January Signature Box

Frustrated with soggy paper straws, Charlotte set out to use her knowledge as a mum of three and an engineer to find a better solution. These super colourful silicone straws are made using medical grade silicone and unlike their paper, metal and glass alternatives don't go soggy or risk smashing or cracking a tooth and so are perfect for little ones and those with disabilities! Once you are done with your straw you can even contact The Silicone Straw Company and they will recycle it for you!

If you love this box as much as I do, you can get your hands on one here, and to make sure you never miss another box, subscribe here!

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