HUG in a Bag

Since we first launched we have supported a different charity every single month, so far we have supported 19 incredible small UK charities and this is our 20th! We wanted to reassess how we support charities and give our partnerships even more meaning, therefore we have decided to dedicate three months to each charity, allowing for larger donations and more exposure!

Our 20th charity is the incredible HUG in a Bag who work throughout Durham and Darlington to supply bags containing gifts and information leaflets to every person diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hug In a Bag logo, a pink cartoon hugging a bag

HUG in a Bag formed in Durham in October 2006 by three women who met, laughed, cried and supported each other during their treatment for breast cancer. The three ladies, each coped in their own way, had their own story and their journeys all differed, but they found that sharing their thoughts, anxieties and concerns was extremely helpful. They also gave each other lots of hugs in times of fear, sadness and joy and they formed a strong friendship.

They decided to set up their own charity, which would support the men and women of Durham and Darlington and so HUG in a bag was born.

Unfortunately one of the three original founding ladies later went onto received a terminal diagnosis and all three decided it was time to step away and hand the reigns over to one of their daughters, Emma, who is now Chair of Hug in a Bag.

Emma, Gordon, Nicola, Mike, Emma, Jimi, Kathryn, and Kate work tirelessly to continue the work that was first started by three incredibly brave ladies and in memory of one of the original founders, Jude, who sadly passed away in 2019.

Hug in a bag team standing behind a table full of teddies

HUG itself stands for HELP, UNDERSTANDING and GLAMOUR and of course, a HUG, because in times of fear, sadness and uncertainty who doesn’t need or want a HUG?

If you have a charity you would like us to support, please get in touch and let us know!

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