5 Ways to Embrace Conscious Gifting

Gifts are special, and they should be given with the same care and attention that you have for the people you love most in your life. In order to make sure you’re giving the gift of love in the right way, try these five ways to embrace conscious gifting this holiday season.

1. Shop small business

Rather than relying on Amazon this year who I'm sure will have yet another record breaking year, try shopping for products from small businesses. This year more than ever small businesses need your support to survive and the gifts they produce will be filled with so much love and make someone do a happy dance.

The personalised little touches from small businesses are something you will never get from any big retailers, so it's win win all round!

2. Buy them something they will actually use

There are countless gifts we receive over the years that just aren't our cup of tea or that end up in the charity shop. Yes, it's the thought that counts, but how much more would it matter if that gift was used?
Think of the recipients day to day and what they might find useful. Are they a teacher with a love of stationary? A movie buff in need of snacks? Have they recently purchased their first home or welcomed a new child to the family?

Why not gift practical gifts like these bamboo socks, or this rice husk lunchbox?

3. Give them a gift voucher

Gift vouchers are a perfect way of giving someone the gift of choice.

With a gift voucher the receiver is able to purchase something they want or need and you don't need to worry about getting the right size or colours.

This is the ideal gift for someone with a new home who can then pick the home decor items they love to fit their style!

4. Buy Sustainable Gifts

Sustainable mean's different things to so many different people, so when writing this one, it was actually quite difficult to know where to start. So I went back to basics and googled "define sustainable". The definition didn't really give that much help either! But I stumbled across this:

"Sustainability consists of fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations, while ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being."

I thought this summed it up perfectly but I digressed from the entire point of this blog!

From this sustainable gifts would be those that don't leave a footprint (environmentally friendly like this travel wash kit), support current generations (fair trade like these pebble soaps), and support good causes (see point 5)

5. Support a Cause

One of the best ways to gift consciously is to purchase from businesses who support a cause, whether that be because they are a charity themselves or a non-profit or they have social impact in their heart.

By shopping with these businesses you know that your gift is having real impact and gives you and your lucky recipient that warm fuzzy feeling.

These bookmarks are from a London non-profit helping the homeless, these socks will ensure that another pair end up being given to a homeless person, and this tea supports refugees coming into the UK.

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